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How this small business inreased revenue by 200% and profit by 40%

Initial Workflow of the organization

A medium business based in Melbourne has seen good demand for their business lending and business brokering services.  The management team is too busy focusing on business handling the inbound enquires and managing the lead generation funnel.  However, the company has been recording very low conversion rates.  Also, when they approached us, there was low traceability on the history of each enquiry from source to conversion.

Main problem

Due to the growing business, it was hard to keep a track of the tasks allocated to each agent to work on the leads. Most of the information is maintained manually in excel sheets.  There were multiple set of excel sheets with different supervisors and many times they called the same leads twice or more on one day or they also tried to sell the product which customer has already purchased. 

Prescribed Solution

Aussie Digital Business Systems started with a 30-day diagnostic at onsite to understand the business, current workflow, and data flow.  After the diagnostic, we provided a solution by building a CRM system that has a centralized repository of all the leads/enquires.  Each lead to be associated with specific agents and all the communications are tracked (emails, phone calls, web chat etc.) end to end.   Also, our system was able to identify potential leads/prospects based on the historical purchase data (based on the size, industry, location of the past customer). Management has completed a 360-degree view on each lead /prospect until conversion.


  • Increased conversion rate from 4% to 40%.
  • Shortening the sales cycle from 6 weeks to 4 days.
  • Improved customer service with upscaled revenue from 1,500,000 to 2,850,000
  • Increase in productivity of agents by saving on costs up to 15% and ensuring profits.


Key Metrics




Revenue Growth



Increase in profit



Conversion Rate



Duration of the Sales cycle

12 weeks

4 weeks

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