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Queue Management integration for a Beauty Parlour

Initial Workflow of the organization

A small business owner of a beauty parlour was struggling to keep a track of number of customers availing the services. Due to the amount of wait time increased the customers used to wait in queues for about 2 hours. Despite getting a lot of walk-in customers, they often neglected to wait in queues for hours together waiting for their names to be called. Also lot of customers return back home after the long wait as they don’t know the time taken for one customer to do a service.

Main problem

Due to the increase of waiting time in the beauty parlour, it was hard for them to accommodate such long queues. On the other hand, they also found it hard to attend to several customers at the same time and lose track of the service history. There were impatient  customers who get agitated because of the long wait time as if they have an emergency situation they have to wait in queue for 2 hours to be addressed.

Prescribed Solution

Aussie Digital Business Systems  addressed to this problem by providing an online platform which provided the customers with the queue management software called as eQup which provides the set of services displayed on the kiosk screen. Once the customer enters the parlour she fills in the required information and receives an SMS notification as to which person she has to go. Also on the LCD screen the name along with the docket number will be shown so that the crowd is distributed and the customers can manage their time efficiently.Likewise, eQup virtual queues allows customers to know whose turn is approaching and the purpose of the visit, helping to prepare for each customer more thoroughly and personally – not to mention keeping queues clear and giving customers time to browse.


  • 75% wait time eliminated.
  • Improved customer satisfaction with increased lead generation up to 72%
  • Increase in productivity of retail industry by saving on costs up to 20% and ensuring profits.

Key Metrics


Customers turnover (per month)

Lead Generation52%72%
Productivity rate45%79%


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