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Reduce wait time to enhance your customer experience!

Change the way your business manages customer queues! Give freedom to your customers and make the wait for service a pleasurable experience for them.

User-Friendly Service Interface

  • Powerful and configurable interface
  • Queue Transfer – Transfer  customer from one  queue to another queue
  • Ability to prioritise the queue
  • Ability to manage multiple queues

SMS notification for queue status update

Gives customer more freedom while waiting for their turn, our system can send out SMS notifications as the customer’s queue number is getting near. 


Management and Reporting

Live KPI monitoring – Real-time dashboards and historical reports help manage and optimize the customer journey, day-to-day and into the future.

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive user interface and well-designed screens makes it easy for the staff to use the software.
  • Useful customer statistics are readily available when needed, to assist in better serving your customers.

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Queue Management integration for a Beauty Parlour

Beauty Parlour

A small business owner of a beauty parlour was struggling to keep a track of number of customers availing the services. Due to the amount of wait time increased the customers used to wait in queues for about 2 hours. Despite getting a lot of walk-in customers, they often neglected to wait in queues for hours together waiting for their names to be called. Also lot of customers return back home after the long wait as they don’t know the time taken for one customer to do a service.

Key Metrics


Customers turnover (per month)

Lead Generation52%72%
Productivity rate45%79%


Up to 50% OFF






  • Selection of options from the kiosk machine
  • Printers to print out the tokens having the details of the counter number to go to and also their basic details which can be customized.
  • Bring your own kiosk and LCD TV (recommendations can be given based on the requirements).
  • Allows easy customization for the users.
  • Update details of queue (edit/delete).

Up to 50% OFF






  • Customization rules can be created to modify operation logic
  •  SMS notification is sent so that the users gets notified by message prior on time.
  • Full reporting and monitoring module, customization, extended with scheduled report generation to be sent by e-mail.
  • Kiosk and LCD TV included in the package based on the requirement.
  • QR canning to open on the mobile devices
  • Enhanced security
  •  Attractive User Interface

Up to 50% OFF






  • Includes the features of Enhance package 
  • Prediction analysis & Customer journey mapping for wait time estimation.
  • Integration with different platforms.
  • With Calender option, display appointments based on the day, week, or month. You can choose the way you filter your appointments: by queue, location, and the scheduled resource.
  • Dedicated email and phone support.
  • eQup allows you to measure your staff performance in real-time and collect customer feedback.
  • Payment integration to make online payments for the service.
  • Product can deliver personalized and targeted communication with your customers using SMS marketing. Tailor your promotions with video or slideshow marketing.

Want to eliminate queues, reduce wait times and improve staff productivity?

1 %
Improved customer satisfaction
1 %
reduce on-site wait times
1 %
1 %


1. Customer takes a ticket

Customer takes a ticket using our Ticketing Kiosk, enters his mobile number (optional) for the SMS notification, hence joins the virtual queue

2. Customers checks the queue status in the digial display

Customer views the queue status in the digial display. Also gets the (optional) SMS notification.

3. Customer service representative calls the next waiting customer

Customer service representative calls the next customer and customer gets the notified for their turn

4. Real time monitoring and KPIs

Managers access real time reports and dashboards through our centralized reporting system

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